What Is a Claimant Statement

Q. If I make a mistake, how can I change the information in the applicant`s statement? Put a line with an incorrect answer and insert the correct information. DO NOT use corrective liquid. The applicant must initiate all corrections. Q. What information about trust claims should I include in the applicant`s statement? You must enter the name of the trust under “Applicant`s name”. The name of the trust must include the date of the trust. Under “Applicant`s address,” indicate the address of a trustee to whom the proceeds of death are to be delivered. Q. What is “capacity”? Capacity is the legal authority that gives you the right to claim the product. If you are making a claim on your own behalf, you are an “individual claimant” and you must indicate your status as an individual. Do not use any other “title” unless you actually claim it as such.

For more information, see Special Claims Information and Instructions for Connecting to Capacity. Q. If I sign as a power of attorney for the applicant, what do I need to submit as evidence? Submit a copy of the signed proxy documents that give you the authority to collect the proceeds. You must sign the life insurance form and indicate your status as a “common-law lawyer” for the beneficiary. Example of an appropriate signature: Jane Doe by John W. Doe, common-law attorney under a power of attorney dated MM/DD/YYYY. Q. Why do you need a declaration from the beneficiary and the transferee accepting the amount claimed by the transferee? To avoid possible disagreements on the amounts to be paid. Declarations of consent, indicating the amount due at the time of the insured`s death, speed up the processing of your claim. Q. If the recipient`s name has changed since the recipient was last named, what do I need to specify to confirm the name change? If a beneficiary`s name has changed as a result of a marriage or divorce, we will need a copy of the marriage certificate or divorce decree.

If the beneficiary`s name has changed due to personal preferences, we will need a court document indicating the name change from birth name to the requested name. Q. If the assignment of security has already been released, what must be provided? A release from assignment by the assignee. If the transferee is a bank, we require an officer to sign the release of the guarantee. F. Can I copy this life insurance form for use by other claimants? Yes. You can copy the blank form to make it available to other beneficiaries. Q. Who is the “applicant”? An applicant is the natural or legal person who claims the death benefit under a policy. Each recipient must complete a separate declaration from the applicant.

Q. After completing the life insurance form, can I fax it to you? Yes, you can fax the completed and signed application form to 434.948.5783. Please note that a certified original death certificate may be required, which may not be accepted by fax. Q. Can the proceeds of police death be allocated to a funeral home? Yes. All designated beneficiaries must complete an appropriate assignment form provided by the funeral home and this form must be presented to us prior to payment of the claim along with a declaration from the claimant for each beneficiary. Q. What happens if the original font is lost or unavailable? Simply complete the applicant`s declaration and sign it.

By signing the applicant`s declaration, you declare that all original fonts and all duplicates and certificates will be lost or otherwise unavailable unless they are sent with the applicant`s declaration. Q. Why does a beneficiary have to complete an applicant`s declaration when there is a guarantee beneficiary? To avoid possible disagreements on the amount to be paid to the beneficiary and the transferee. Q. If there are multiple trustees, how many must sign the applicant`s declaration? Each current trustee must sign the applicant`s declaration in his or her capacity as co-trustee, unless the trust document gives a trustee the authority to act alone. Q. What makes it a certified death certificate? Certified death certificates have either a raised seal or a multicolored signature seal of the county, city, or state that issued the certificate. In addition, the original death certificate must include the signature of an appropriate county, city, or state official.

Q. What is a secure access account? A Secure AccessSM account is an interest-bearing bill of exchange account that is an alternative to receiving the product as a lump sum by check. If you select this billing option, we will send you a draft book to access your account balance so that you can access all or part of the balance at any time. You can always write a draft to withdraw all the balance, including interest, without fees or penalties. For more information about a Secure Access account, call our Secure Access customer service team.m at 8:206.4066 a.m. from 8:30 a.m.m. to 4:30 p.m. .m .m.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. We have recently updated our website. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Genworth Financial family of companies manages life insurance policies sold by several companies. To make sure you fill out the voucher, please select the name listed at the top of the policy/contract from the list below. If the company name is not listed, please call the Claims Department at 888.325.5433. Q. What is an IRS 712 form? IRS Form 712 is a gift or estate tax form that may need to be filed with the deceased`s final estate tax return. At the request of the administrator/executor of the estate, we will complete this form to indicate the value of the policy at the time of death. .